icomfort infrared saunas – Review of Features

icomfort Features

Do icomfort infrared saunas offer anything different and will you be pleased with them?  No. We do not think you will.

Review Summary: An icomfort sauna is a poor choice.  They are a mass-produced low-quality.  These low-quality products will warm you up but will not provide any desired healing or detoxification. 

Excellent Alternatives: We suggest you look at Heavenly Heat Saunas if you want the best product with no toxic components.  Or you could consider Vital Health if you are looking for a good quality product with a low price tag.

You should want to own and use your infrared sauna for a lifetime.

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icomfort infrared sauna are known as recreational. They are similar to other forms of recreation such as jogging or cycling. They will elevate your heart rate providing a passive form of cardiovascular workout. Additionally, they will warm you up and promote sweating. However, this is a surface sweat that is not releasing substantial amounts of toxins.

This brand of icomfort saunas provides low power light waves while True quality infrared waves will penetrate the skin and deep into tissues. They will penetrate into the fatty cells and cause the fat cells to release toxins to be sweated out of the body.

So while you will sweat and feel like you are in a sauna, deep detox is not taking place. One indication of this is the large amounts of square inches of carbon heater panels used. On most models such as the SAU1490-H the panels go almost to the ceiling. This is needed to try to heat the surfaces of the sauna to compensate for the lower amount of heat and infrared.

In contrast, a top quality infrared sauna such as made by Clearlight provides exceptional, deep penetrating infrared that will release toxins from the deeper tissues

Suggested Retail

Icomfort saunas has a suggested retail MRSP of between $2000 – $4300. However they are often sold at prices between $400 – $900 per unit. Typically, when you can obtain a unit for under $1000 at a large retail chain, you will be getting an inferior product.

The reason comes from how these are manufactured and what parts are used in the assembly.

Sauna Reseller

As we have mentioned previously, most saunas are mass produced on 5 assembly lines in China. Almost anyone can become a reseller of these units, which is what icomfort has done. These are simply low quality units produced with the icomfort name placed on them. This is how 95% of all products on the market are made.

These companies are what we term re-sellers as they simply re sell the mass produced units. Some resellers will go as far as to add a few extra small features such as exterior lights or additional stereo components to differentiate them from the competition.

icomfort Product Lines

icomfort has primarily three different types of product lines. The 1200 series is made of hemlock with some walnut exterior panels, giving this line a rather unique look among saunas. Very few have used walnut in the construction.
To give the units even more stylish design, a lot of vertical slats are used in front of the heater panels.

However, similar to the Rocky Mountain Sauna products which utilize this same design, these vertical slats have drawbacks. The main drawback is a further reduction of the low amount of infrared reaching your body. Infrared waves do not penetrate wood. Therefore, all of the vertical slats are blocking up to 50% of the infrared. This is the opposite of what you want in a sauna session.

Like all of the incomfort units, the 1200 series, which includes the SAU1200-H and SAU1220-H carries a very limited one year warranty on electrical, heaters and cabinet wood.

The 1400, like the 1200 series, is sturdy and assembles in less than one hour with two people. This includes the SAU1409-H is a very small 1 person unit which does not have slats blocking the panels but also has reduced amount of carbon panels. The SAU1410-H uses a standard wall outlet and is for 1 person.

SAU1490-H is a 2 person larger corner unit which has a lot of panels but blocks most of them with vertical slats this is common in this brand.

The 1500 series which was supplied in hemlock and red cedar and has a few amenities such as control panels on the exterior and interior is generally no longer available. As with all units, stereos and lighting are included. The 1300 series also has mostly been discontinued.

Appearance over Functional

icomfort primarily focuses on appearance and they units do look good. As well, exterior lighting and USB ports are other amenities added.

However, the critical feature of a sauna should be its high level of infrared. This should also be near the optimal wavelength of 9.4 to penetrate deeply. The other important feature should be a long warranty. A strong warranty demonstrates two things. First, that the company believes the product to be quality to last a lifetime. The second very critical aspect is the company believes it will be in existence for decades as well.

One serious problem which has plagued this industry is the number of companies which re-sell saunas then are out of business within 5 or 6 years. We have been contacted by numerous consumers with cheap saunas wanting to know where to get replacement parts and heaters. Unfortunately in most cases the company no longer exists and the consumer is stuck with an unsupported broken product.


Limited 1 year warranty.

Contrast to the warranty of our top recommended companies – Clearlight and Heavenly Heat. These recommended companies carry 10 year to full lifetime warranty on heaters, wood, radio, electoral and all parts of the units. That is what you want to look for. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare in this industry. It is an easy industry to enter and leave and many companies do exactly that.

When you understand the healing power of infrared, you will want to purchase a sauna you can own for a lifetime. At Healing Heat Therapy, we want you to gain health benefits from it for decades. Please see our recommended brands and comparison tables for your best choice.

Instead of an iComfort, buy a product you will be proud of and that will benefit you and your health.