Heavenly Heat Saunas – Review and Special Price Code

Does Heavenly Heat Provide Ultra Pure Detox?

Heavenly Heat Sauna has a fantastic reputation in the industry and is known for having ultra clean saunas.  This review is actually a very enjoyable review to complete as the company and its products are very different from almost all others in the industry.  Our hope is that you gain much from this review of Heavenly Heat.

Quick Rating – Heavenly Heat Saunas Review of Features



Company is Quality Focused

Excellent.  The company manufacturers the purest saunas anywhere.  Does not offer a low quality product line.  Small, low pressure business. Manufactured in the USA.


Infrared Heaters

Excellent.  Cleanest 304 Surgical Stainless Steel Ceramic heaters.  Also offers Steam units and ceramic/steam, wet dry combination units.


Wood Cabin – Purity

Clean White Poplar is used with no synthetics or glues. Extremely clean for the ultra chemically sensitive and ill.  Options to customize.


Warranty Is Excellent

Lifetime warranty on everything except controls which are covered for 5 years. Second Best in the industry.



Used and endorsed by the foremost authority in the world on chemical sensitivity and two highly regarded clinics for the chemically ill. Most of their referred customers come from Doctor Referred patients.


Overall Rating

The cleanest, most chemically pure wood cabins and cleanest true ceramic heaters anywhere. Excellent detoxification.  Low pressure sales.

You cannot go wrong with this brand.

What makes Heavenly Heat Saunas so different?

Purity – They are built with pure, clean detoxification in mind.  They are targeted primarily for people with extreme chemical sensitivities or existing chemical injuries.  No glues or toxic materials are used in their construction.  Only the highest grade of what they call “clear” white poplar is used.

Even the glass window gaskets are made from pieces of poplar rather than synthetics.  The light fixtures are glass and metal rather than plastic housings for the bulbs, eliminating even that small amount of plastic out gassing.


Please Note:  Their website is not as flashy or polished as a few high tech companies.   When you visit the site, do not be put off by the lack of glitzy marketing.  This is a smaller company that is unrivaled in the industry in regards to pure, clean infrared therapy and intense detoxification. This is combined with excellent customer focus.  This is one of those times when great innovations and solid manufacturing comes from a small company.
Heavenly Heat Saunas Combination Infrared Ceramic Sauna

Heavenly Heat Saunas dry and wet steam Combination

It is obvious that this approach that Bob Morgan, the owner, has taken with the company is so very different from 95% of all companies.  As mentioned before on our website, 95% of all saunas sold in the US are mass produced in 4 factories in China and simply resold under different brand names.

You can contact Bob Morgan in Crested Butte, CO and ask for a list of Heavenly Heat Sauna prices. Mention you read about them here.

My readers get the “Healing Heat” discount.  This is because he likes that my readers are already informed and educated when they contact him.



Hand Built in the USA – In direct contrast to the China mass produced units, when you purchase a Heavenly Heat infrared sauna, you will own a product manufactured in the USA since 1988 and designed to last for decades.  These are hand built using stainless steel screws instead of glues or nails as almost all other brands use.  Heavenly Heat Saunas is located in Crested Butte CO (sometimes incorrectly called Cresta Butte Co) and the units are built in nearby Arizona.

The only other company that builds it products in North America using clean components is Saunacore, located in Canada.

Please note that there are almost no Heavenly Heat Sauna reviews anywhere online.  This is likely due to the brand being not as well known and offering no referral program.  Our Heavenly Heat Saunas review is based on on 4 years of industry research and numerous conversations with Bob Morgan, its founder and owner.

Want to Customize Your Sauna?

Options include:

Add wheels and Castors.  This  is the most popular option added.  This allows for easy movement.

Add Near Infrared when ordering for a full Spectrum therapy session.

Wood panels can be replaced with glass for the Ultra-ultra wood sensitive (at no additional charge).  The normal glass can also be exchanged for solid wood – again at no charge.

Options for 15 watt or 20 watt plugs and heater power options.

Although these product are made to be ultra pure, if the unit will be outdoors, an optional exterior sealant can be added for wood protection.

304 Surgical Stainless Steel Ceramic Heater

304 Surgical Stainless Steel Ceramic Heater

Uniquely Powerful Ceramic Heaters

The heaters used are made from medical 304 surgical stainless steel.  These are the cleanest and most powerful ceramic heating elements available, made specifically for use in saunas.  They are non corrosive, do not give out any toxic metal fumes and with a concave shape are 96% efficient.  Most old style ceramic tubes in the industry are less than 50% efficient.

User controlled Heater – Another interesting feature is the ability of the user to control the temperature of the heaters closest to their body.  Individual ceramic elements can be turned on or off.

There is no need to be concerned about Heavenly Heat sauna emf levels, as their emf readings are less then 3.0 mG.

Focus is on Functionality and Benefit

It should be noted that one thing which is instantly apparent is that the units also look a little different than virtually all others in the industry.  These are built more for functionality over furniture grade finished aesthetics.  Virtually all other brands will stain or finish the outside of the wood cabins as many consumers prefer a look of a finished, varnished beautiful piece of furniture.

However, for the purest detoxification, this brand leaves the poplar unfinished.  While slightly less visually stunning, this is a positive aspect for those that desperately need a medically – focused product.

Dr. William Rea, a cardiovascular surgeon considered to be the foremost authority on chemical sensitivity, has used a Heavenly Heat Sauna personally and for his patients since 1994.  This demonstrates how effective these products are.

However, anyone would be benefited greatly by a Heavenly Heat infrared sauna, not just the chemically sensitive.  These will provide you with detoxification and health benefits that are virtually unequaled.



One thing that could be improved is the company’s website as the layout and product images do not always portray the units in the best light.  As of October, 2016, this is currently being upgraded.  However it is clear to see that the focus of this company is caring for each individual customer and on building extremely functional and detoxifying units, not on glossy fancy marketing.

Don’t be misled by companies that have that reversed.  There is one very popular brand that has that backwards with glitzy marketing, product gimmicks but a lack of real quality in its products.

The main purpose for infrared therapy is true deep tissue detoxification and Heavenly Heat dry saunas excel in this regard.

Two highly respected detoxification programs designed for the chemically injured are located at the EHC-Dallas and the Nova Scotia-EHC which is the clinic for Canadians that have been diagnosed with “multiple chemical” sensitivities.  Both of these clinics have used Heavenly Heat infrared saunas for years.

Heavenly Heat Saunas FIR2DX

Heavenly Heat Saunas 2 person FIR2DX

Air Circulation and Ventilation

This is one of only two manufacturers that circulates the air.  The other being Saunacore which also manufactures a clean Purity Line with a much higher price tag.

Air is brought in underneath the heaters and vented out the top of the cabin.  This not only circulates the air, but it also is removing the toxins you sweat out while you are in the unit.

Air Filter – As the air is vented out the top of the unit, it is passed through a carbon filter.  This is a brilliant idea.  Why inhale the toxins in the ambient room air once you finish your infrared therapy session?  This is the only company I am aware of that has this feature.  Again, these have been designed with one thing in mind – provide the ultimate clean, pure experience for those desperately needing detoxification.  Which is really all of us.

Anyone can benefit from this level of purity.


A Small Company with a Dedicated Owner

This is a small company, started in 1988 by Bob Morgan, who is still the owner.  This is rare in the industry as 90% of companies are short lived businesses.  In fact, 40% of companies in this industry that existed 10 years ago are no longer in business.  Other companies such as Clearlight, which was started by a Doctor 20 years ago and still owned by him, and HealthMate, share this same reputation for longevity and reliability.

In fact, when you call the company, Bob is the person that will answer the phone and talk with you.  But don’t let the smallness give you the wrong impression.  This is an extremely high quality company and their products are remarkable.

In short, if you choose a Heavenly Heat Sauna, you will have a product  that will last you for decades and provide detoxification that is likely unrivaled.

Another benefit of the company and its size and Bob Morgan’s dedication to people’s health is that you will receive clear, expert information and advice with a very low pressure approach.  This is a very welcome change from what customers receive from a couple other large companies in this industry.

FIR1 overhead view

FIR1 overhead view

Product Lines

The product lines are a bit different than most competitors.

Far infrared – This is the Heavenly Heat dry sauna with options for a one, two, three or four person units, FIR1-Eco, FIR2DX up to FIR3.  (Units for up to 6 people can be custom built).

The above image shows an efficient design.  The one person unit has the door on the side allowing for an two additional heaters to be directly in front of you when you are seated.  This shows an excellent application of infrared knowledge.

These include the passive air circulation, filtered air vent and pure construction materials.

Full Spectrum – You can add Near Infrared to the cabin when ordering for a full spectrum experience.

Traditional Steam – Here is another way they differentiates themselves from most other competitors as they also offer a traditional line. This offers the consumer a wet steam experience inside a toxin-free cabin that is also portable, in contrast to most traditional types which are permanent once built.

Heavenly Heat Saunas Combination Sauna

Combination steam and dry Unit with Optional Castors

CombinationA combination traditional and infrared unit that is a traditional wooden cabinet with both types of heaters, wet and dry, in one unit. As they use ceramic heaters that are premium 304 surgical stainless steel, the elements will not corrode as most ceramic elements would.


Lifetime Warranty

Each Heavenly Heat infrared sauna is covered by an excellent Warranty.  Most of the parts are covered for life including labor and shipping.  This includes the heaters, wood construction and electronics.  The only part carrying less is the control panel which carries a 5 year warranty.

I wish the control panels were also covered for lifetime.  This would give guaranteed protection equal to the best in the industry which is offered by Clearlight, a top rated and recommended brand.

This is still exceptional coverage.


Heavenly Heat Sauna Complaints?

None.  They have no complaints filed.  This results from the exceptional products and care they provide to customers.

Overall this is a company that excels in quality and it is highly recommended.

Should you choose to purchase this brand, you will own something that will not only last for decades, but dramatically improve your health and wellness.  You can see how this company stacks up against other brands in this comparison table.

Our hope is that our review of Heavenly Heat Saunas saves you hours of research and helps you make a great purchase decision.  My readers get the “Healing Heat” discount.  This is because my readers are informed and educated when they contact the company.