Clearlight Infrared Saunas – Are They Really the Best?

Clearlight Review – Clearly the Best by Design?

You have likely heard that Clearlight Saunas are the best far infrared saunas on the market.  Why do so many doctors and wellness clinics such as Hippocrates Health Institute and Whitaker Wellness Center use and endorse Clearlight?  And is it right for you?

Clearlight Infrared Saunas is our top rated brand 2017.  This recommendation is based on 4 years of research which includes use of several brands and discussions with many company owners and manufacturers.

Our hope is that our research will help you make the best decision for you and your family.  Unfortunately, this industry has a lot of misinformation and many brands look the same.  We want to help you understand what is different between brands so you can choose the best one for your family.

Clealright Premier IS-C Corner Sauna



Quick Rating:  Clearlight Sauna Review of Features


Company – Excellent

The company was started 20 years ago by Dr. Raleigh Duncan and is still owned by him.  It is a true innovator and the pioneer of low and no EMF heaters.


Wood Cabin

Extremely clean poplar in the Essential Line and Western Cedar in the Premier and Sanctuary Line with lots of features.


Heater – Excellent

Innovators of  Carbon Ceramic Blended panels.  Their True Wave II low EMF heaters have the best detoxifying infrared penetration of any carbon panels.


Warranty – Excellent

The best in the industry.  A true full lifetime warranty on everything including wiring and sound system.


Note: This is the brand we have at our home. When you understand the significant differences between companies, a Clearlight sauna is a very easy decision to make.  We did not receive any discount when we bought our Clearlight sauna.  I purchased it after months of research and discussions with several people in the medical field.  This entire website began a result of that initial research.


What Makes Clearlight Infrared Saunas So Different?

It is important to understand that 95% of all saunas are massed produced on 4 Chinese assembly lines.  Anyone can form an LLC and begin re-selling these as a “re-seller.”  Some companies add a few features such as flux magnets or lights to try to differentiate themselves.

In contrast, this company has been an innovator.  It is very noticeable that its carbon panels extend only about halfway up the sides of the interior, stopping about at the shoulder level.  This is mainly due to the powerful panels used.



Tell them Cody the SaunaGuy suggested them and mention getting the “Healing Heat” pricing.  My readers get special pricing as they know you are educated.

True Wave II Powerful Heaters

Their panels are actually a unique combination of beneficial Carbon with Ceramic fibers woven into the carbon.  The ceramic provides stronger, focused heat.  This provides the user with a faster warm up time and better infrared penetration.  As well, your head is protected from direct heat.


True Wave II Carbon Ceramic Heater

Almost all other carbon heated units have carbon panels extending nearly up to the ceiling at the back and on the sides.  This is done to compensate for the low output carbon that is used by inferior brands.  Many panels are weak carbon or even sprayed on carbon which offers little to no infrared benefits at all.


Wood Cabin Design

The wood is air dried and construction uses no toxic glues or chemicals.  Heating up and deep breathing toxic chemicals in a confined space is prevalent with some cheaper units and should be avoided.

The assembly of the pre-wired units requires no tools.  Assembly takes about 1 hour for 2 people and instructions are provided.

Heater Location.  Heaters are also located behind the legs, on the sides of the legs and importantly in the front.  This provides infrared to the entire body.  Many companies omit some of these.

Floor Heaters.  Some of their models have heating elements in the floor.  There are 20,000 pores in the bottom of the feet and it is beneficial to heat the feet and lower legs as well.  This also keeps the body’s temperature even throughout, benefiting blood flow and detoxification.  Only 2 others in the industry offer floor heating.

Full Spectrum.  In the Sanctuary product line, two powerful near infrared heaters are added which supply 800 watts of near infrared.  These Clearlight True Spectrum heaters provide 20x the power of the nearest competitor, a very well known brand, which adds 4 small 10 watt LED bulbs. The high end Sanctuary product is displayed below.

Clearlight Premier IS-C Corner Sauna

Sanctuary C – Corner Model

Are These True Low EMF Heaters?

This is a critical area of concern if you are truly concerned about your long term health.  EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) not only surrounds us daily  from all forms of electronic devices, but EMF can be dangerous and harmful to long term health if exposed at high levels.

Sauna Works, the company that produces Clearlight infrared saunas, was the first to pioneer and offer a truly low to no-emf infrared experience.  It continues to lower its EMF and remains the industry standard for the lowest levels.  It’s current models are near zero EMFs. It is first to reduce the extremely low frequency ELF as well.

While many companies claim low EMF levels, this company backs its claim with independent test results.   We applaud them for posting third party independent results on their website.  We have posted those readings below as well.

Thankfully, during the past decade many companies have lowered some of the dangerous EMF levels of their products.  However, some others have EMF ratings of 10-30 mG and at least one has levels over 170 mG.

Keeping the emf levels below 3.0 Milligauss (mG) is considered a safe level for extended sessions. Currently Clearlight’s saunas are nearly zero EMF with ratings of 0.05 mG.

Clearlight Heater lowEMF readings


When you compare the stated EMF outputs of various models, it is very important to know where the readings were taken.  Readings are highest near the heater elements.  The above readings were taken 2″ from the heater surface.

As an example, one popular brand informed me they had readings of “only 10” (which is high) but the readings were taken in the center of the sauna.  Additional research revealed that readings near the heating element were actually over 30 mG, which is dangerous.


Is This the Best Warranty in the Industry?

They offer the best warranty in the industry.  Their Products carry a full lifetime warranty on all components.  This includes wiring, radios, wood, True Wave II heaters – everything.  They call it their “everything but the bulbs” coverage.  This is backed up by their 20 year history.

In this industry, half of the companies go out of business within a few years.  You want to buy from a company that will be around to actually back up their warranty.


Clearlight Product Lines

There are 3 easy to understand models.   Each line includes the full lifetime warranty,  chromotherapy lights, True Wave II Low EMF heaters, interior and exterior control panels, roof ventilation and more.

Clearlight Essential CE-2 Infrared Sauna

Essential CE-3

The Essential Line  is made from Clean Nordic Spruce and includes the floor heater under a ceramic tile.  It provides all of the “Essential” elements for a detoxifying infrared therapy experience without some of the features of the higher end models.

The Premier line uses tongue and groove construction with Eco Certified Western Red Cedar.  The Premier IS-2 is the company’s top selling model and for good reason.  It includes recessed LED lights, Bluetooth, AUX and MP3 audio inputs and speakers, ability to preset an auto power on and more.

The Sanctuary Line adds powerful Clearlight True Spectrum near infrared heaters providing full spectrum infrared that is 20x more than the closest competitor.  Models are 1-person up to 5-person units and include device charging, audio station, smartphone remote control and reservation mode.

One model in the Sanctuary line is a Yoga Hot Room.  The benches are removable and a fitted yoga mat can be laid down for a hot yoga room experience.

The Clearlight Curve Dome is a portable dome unit with solid wood, memory foam infrared pad and organic hemp covering.


Custom Heater Kits and Rooms

Want to upgrade your existing sauna?  You can purchase custom True Wave II heater kits for your existing unit.  Andy Kaps, co-owner, has informed me you can contact Clearlight and they will work with your contractor to design a large custom sauna room to your exact specifications.


Clearlight Sauna Reviews – What do they Reveal?

The many Clearlight sauna reviews that are available show that consumers and medical leaders alike are exceptionally pleased with this company. Very notable Doctors and clinics such as Dr. Whitaker of the Whitaker Wellness Clinic and Dr. Clement of the Hippocrates Institute endorse and use Clearlight Saunas with their patients.

Other nutrition and longevity-aware industry leaders also use this brand in their own homes.  In fact the owner of the #1 worldwide health related blog owns two in his home.

It was after this careful study and discussions with many of these true experts and reading their reviews, that I purchased a Clearlight infrared sauna for our personal use in our home.  We have been exceptionally pleased with it.  I interviewed several experts including a case manager at Whitaker Wellness Clinic, a representative at Hippocrates Health Institute and the top prolotherapy doctor in the US.  Without exception they recommended this brand.


You will never be disappointed with a Clearlight infrared sauna.


Are There Many Clearlight Sauna Complaints?

You won’t find many Clearlight Sauna complaints online.  Every company will have some but this company has avoided the many complaints that are typical for the industry by innovating, taking care of customers and offering their unrivaled warranty.

Additional Notes

Half of the models can be plugged into an normal 15 amp socket without requiring additional wiring.  The larger models require a 20 amp socket.  The units are first assembled at the factory, run for 8 hours and then disassembled and shipped.

Dr. Raleigh Duncan, a chiropractor, founded Sauna Works, the maker of the Clearlight infrared saunas 20 years ago.  Sauna Works is now co-owned with Andy Kaps.


Infrared saunas are one of the best purchases a person can make to improve their health.   They provide a host of health benefits including cardiovascular improvements, improved skin condition, internal metabolic detox, heavy metals detox, relief of joint pain, weight loss and improved sleep.

We encourage you to read our reviews page which provides ratings and comparisons of the various brands.  It also lists our top recommendations, including Clearlight Infrared Saunas.

Mention the “Healing Heat” pricing and tell them Cody the SaunaGuy sent you.  They like my readers as you are already educated when you call them.