Healing Heat Therapy

Healing Power of Heat

Sauna Warming HeatThe words Heat Therapy may sound new to you but you have likely been exposed to this for your entire lifetime. You have certainly witnessed this process in action.

Hot tubs, Jacuzzis, hot water bottles, heating pads, hot baths or showers are all example of this and have been used for centuries to fight or relive joint pain, back pains or other muscles spasm induced problems.

We have experienced the remarkable healing which comes from penetrating heat, especially in the form of an infrared sauna. We are glad you found our site and we want to provide you with all the information you need to access this powerful form of healing.

Studies show that soreness from injuries or workouts is reduced significantly and is eliminated in much less time when heat is used. It works by penetrating deep into the tissues and goes right to where the muscles hurt, bringing relaxation and soothing the overall body and mind as well.

There is a real relaxing and mental release from using heat.



Boosting Circulation

Heat can heal. It brings needed blood and life giving oxygen to the afflicted area. But it goes beyond this and actually reduces the physical feeling and sensations of pain. So this is a double benefit. Reducing the pain but also its correlating sensations.

Circulation is also increased to an area needing this relief, transporting life giving and pain relieving nutrients to the area.

Due to all of this, the tissues also stretch and relax which over time also increase flexibility. Usually most effective is a constant, continuous low level heat.

How Common is This Therapy?

This is used everywhere from near infrared directly on the skin at a chiropractor’s office, during back massages, after sports injuries and very often with spa and hot tub use.

Saunas have been in use for centuries with a tradition of providing tremendous health benefits.

Finland is believed to be the origin of what they called sweat baths although many eastern European countries have a similar history. The native Americans in North America also practiced sweat baths in both earthen domes and animal skin huts. Today almost all homes in Finland have a sauna which is often used daily.

In addition to traditional steam, infrared saunas are a modern marvel, allowing everyone to have immediate access to the healing and benefits of heat. Clearlight Infrared Saunas are a top rated brand providing unparalleled penetration into the deep tissues. Another popular brand is Sunlighten which we also cover in depth on this site.

Deep Detoxification of Sweating

Research consistently shows that deep sweating can provide many benefits. What are these benefits of sauna? These benefits are largely based in the process of your core body temp rising causing a related dilation of your capillaries. This is similar to exercising, resulting in a cardiovascular conditioning benefit. As a result, your body’s nervous system sends signals to all sweat glands of the body which begin elimination of stored toxins.

This deep sweating is part of a healthy lifestyle so that you feel better and look better. Additionally, the process relives stress and is place to relax without distractions. As the muscles relax, the high temperatures release endorphins which provide generalized pain relief.

Most natural health experts are in strong agreement that saunas aid in detoxification and a correlated overall health increase. Sleep is often improved as well. Especially if you sauna in the evening, your temp will rise then slowly fall. During this process, the body relaxes even more as your temperature drops and helps you sleep well.

As mentioned, this improves cardiovascular ability and trains the heart muscle and regulatory system.

After exercise, an additional good practice are spas, heating pads and other heat sources. The social environment of spas help you feel great and be part of a social group.

Integrated Optimized Plan

This is of course, best when part of integrated health program and optimized diet with organic foods. This should include lots of veggies veggie juice and natural or Himalayan salt to replenish the electrolytes lost during sweating. Especially if this is a new regimen for you or deep detoxification is needed, get plenty of sleep as part of program.

Far infrared, near infrared, traditional steam, domes and mats all have a part in healing.

Traditional steam involves high temperatures up to 200 degrees but sometimes lower. The humidity is controlled by rocks over an electrical element. It is the high temps that indirectly induce sweating.

In contrast, far infrared uses lower temps of 110-130 degrees. The goal is to keep lower temps so the infrared penetrates. The heaters have a lot of surface area providing light which penetrates 1 to 2 inches into the body and is well received. Low EMFs are a very important consideration when using infrared. These can include color chemotherapy bathing the user in different colors of light.

Sweating is great for detoxification especially heavy metals form fatty tissues. We can sweat that out, creating a hostile environment for health damaging organisms.

All of the above programs which we cover in depth allows you and family to have more control over your own health. Welcome to our website. Here’s to your health.


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