Did Jacuzzi Buy Clearlight? The Infrared Sauna Partnership Explained

Jacuzzi Clearlight Licensing Agreement Details

Jacuzzi did not purchase Clearlight saunas. Jacuzzi wanted to expand its product offerings to include infrared saunas and in May 2017, Jacuzzi agreed to form a partnership with Clearlight. Jacuzzi selected Clearlight after conducting over 2 years of due diligence.  We explain the decisions and details behind the partnership to help you select a great infrared sauna.

What Does this Jacuzzi Clearlight Partnership mean for Us?

Their decision to select Clearlight should give you a great deal of confidence in choosing this brand for your own home.  We have a full Jacuzzi® Clearlight infrared sauna review based on research from the past 6 years.  We have rated this brand as a top choice for 6 years and are encouraged to see a company with the standards of Jacuzzi to choose them as a partner.

Who makes the Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas?

Sauna Works, the company that has made Clearlight Premier and Sanctuary infrared saunas for 22 years continues to be the manufacturer.  The Jacuzzi® brand name is simply part of the new licensing agreement.

For 22 years, Sauna Works, under the guidance of its founding owner, Dr. Raleigh Duncan, has manufactured what are perhaps the top infrared saunas available.  Certainly the top carbon panel based models. Their True Wave II heaters have ceramic fibers woven into the carbon panels producing the most penetrating wavelengths of infrared heat of any carbon panels. None of this has changed under the licensing agreement.

Jacuzzi Infrared Sauna Sanctuary CIt was this reputation for extreme quality that prompted Jacuzzi to consider Clearlight, which was the first to pioneer the blending of ceramic and carbon heater.  This resulted in a heater able to deliver a more penetrating wavelength and a deeper healing, detoxification and warmth.  All of this was available to the user at the lowest EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, available at the time.  It continues to lead with near zero EMF heaters.

Jacuzzi pioneered the hydrotherapy industry and is still the leader in hot tubs.  It also manufactures walk in showers, pool equipment and everything needed to create your own bathtub and in home spa retreat. Its hot tubs use what they refer to as hydromassage for competitive athletes and the everyday weekend warrior athlete.  Warm water has long been known to help the body and mind to relax and promote internal health and healing.  It can relieve stress, lower back pain, muscle cramps and sleeplessness.

Its due diligence, investigating and considering major brands in its decision of choosing a business partner spanned nearly 2 1/2 years.  In the end it appears as though this partnership and licensing agreement is a perfect fit as stated by Dr. Raleigh Duncan:


Jacuzzi Infrared Suana Premier IS-3

Clearlight Infrared and Jacuzzi Inc. today announced an exclusive licensing partnership for infrared saunas. Clearlight Infrared will manufacture and market a premium line of infrared saunas under the Jacuzzi ® brand. This will include the Clearlight Sanctuary™ Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna models and the Clearlight Premier™ Far Infrared Sauna models.

“We are pleased to be working with such a great company,” said Dr. Raleigh Duncan, founder of Clearlight Infrared. “Infrared therapy is a natural fit to help people live more vibrant, productive and balanced lives.”

The Importance of Greater Health and Wellness

Infrared saunas are effective at improving one’s overall health and wellness by helping to boost the immune system, aiding with detoxification, improving sleep, reducing stress, increasing metabolism, and improving heart health among other health and wellness benefits.

Design, Quality, and Effectiveness. From trend-setting design, exceptional furniture grade sauna cabins and state-of-the-art infrared heater technology, Jacuzzi® saunas deliver the ultimate infrared therapy experience. Clearlight infrared and Jacuzzi Inc. Partnership


As the above article clarified, there was no purchase.  It was a licensing agreement reached after months of discussions.  The same quality that has been the backbone of this top rated brand’s Premier and Sanctuary models is the same that is still being designed into them today. The effectiveness of the True Wave II heaters and the long standing commitment to the highest quality was behind the decision as shared here:

Jacuzzi Infrared Suana Premier IS-3 Basswood

“The partnership with Clearlight Infrared fits well with our company’s focus on well-being, and commitment to improving the lives of our customers,” states Jacuzzi Group Worldwide CEO Bob Rowan.

Jacuzzi Brands LLC, d/b/a/ Jacuzzi Group Worldwide, through its subsidiaries is a global manufacturer and distributor of high quality and innovative branded bath, plumbing and backyard products for the residential, commercial and institutional markets.

Jacuzzi® product offerings include outdoor hot tubs, bathtubs, showers, sanitary ware, fixtures, aftermarket products and accessories.

Each Clearlight Infrared Sauna™ model is manufactured with the finest Grade-A Clear Western Red Canadian Cedar or hypo-allergenic Basswood. Moreover, they are the only infrared sauna in the world to offer a full lifetime warranty for home use.  Clearlight Infrared and Jacuzzi Inc. Form a Licensing Partnership for Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas


Both of these companies individually have received numerous awards over the years.  As CEO Bob Rowan has expressed, their company has as its focus the well-being and improvement of their customers’ lives.  Their brand is known for the highest level of quality.  One such example is their winning of the following spa of the year award:

Jacuzzi Hotel Spa AwardAs part of the Equip’Hotel show that will take place in Paris from 16th to 20th November , the Equip’Innov awards – which aim to reward the most innovative products amont the suppliers of hotels and restaurants – have just  been unveiled.

At a ceremony held in Paris on Thursday 30th October, a jury of 16 professionals has selected the best products among 8 categories involved in the competition. Out of 68 shortlisted products (more than 200 products considered) Jacuzzi® won the “spa” award with its professional spa Enjoy, a 6-seater hot tub dedicated to professional use. Jacuzzi® awarded by the hotel industry!



At Healing Heat Therapy, we are fortunate enough to be able to talk with the owners of several industry leaders on a regular basis.  This access keeps us informed as to the details of agreements such as this, as well as model changes and improvements.  We have seen this brand add some great additions to its lines as well as adding new features.

One very interesting addition has been the 5 person outdoor Sanctuary 5 model that can be controlled from indoors via a smart phone or tablet app.  We anticipate even more additions during the rest of 2018 and into 2019.


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