Infrared Saunas and Spas Trending for 2019 at Luxury Resorts

Saunas and Steam Spas Increase at Traditional Hotels

An interesting trend is that of luxury hotels and resorts have been adding infrared saunas as well as the traditional Finnish style.  This is a trend that we welcome.  And it includes traditional and established resorts usually steeped in the tradition of Finnish only.  Pools, spas, hot tubs, infrared and steam are joined together to offer guests a myriad of choices as they seek to relax.

The future looks very bright for all forms of infrared and steam therapies.  Our direct connections with numerous company owners has allowed us to see ever increasing sales during the past 18 months.  As we look at 2019 and beyond, we see the upcoming years as a time of tremendous growth for this market.  We will continue to research and publish findings as to the best far infrared saunas on the market.

Infrared Saunas Added into Traditional Steam Settings

The tradition rich, Austria-based Ebner’s Waldhof has added infrared saunas to its amenities.  Prices for a stay at the Ebner’s Waldhof range from $250 to upwards of $650.  Guests at this exclusive hotel resort, which is located in Austria in the mountains of Sound of Music fame, have their choice of steam rooms, spas and infrared.

At Ebner’s Waldhof Hotel in Austria, guests can enjoy a unique sauna experience that combines healthy living and rest. The hotel is next to the peaceful Lake Fuschl and has a large sauna area built to suit different tastes and health needs. The Finnish sauna is the main attraction. The dry heat fills the room and makes you feel energized. It’s great for detoxing and relieving stress.

Suppose you’re looking for a less powerful option. In that case, the bio-sauna has a cooler temperature and more humidity, making it perfect for people who might find the traditional Finnish sauna too hot.

In addition to these classic choices, Ebner’s Waldhof has an herbal sauna and a steam bath, which are very relaxing and offer different scents. The herbal sauna uses natural herbs to make a soothing space that helps with breathing and comfort. This benefit is especially popular in the winter. On the other hand, the steam bath focuses on moisturizing the skin and clearing the airways, making it a favorite in the winter. The sauna at Ebner’s Waldhof is perfect for everyone because it has all of these excellent features, beautiful views of the outdoors, and thoughtful, fancy touches all over the spa area.

Additional Examples

Another excellent example is the Radisson Royal Hotel in Moscow which now offers infrared therapy to its guests.  The Royal Hotel was established in 1957 and is surrounded by the traditions of Moscow. Yet even in this environment of Russian heritage, with its Russian steam baths and bathhouses, the modern healing treatments are available.  Guests also have access to a large pool.

But this is no ordinary pool.  It holds its place in Russia’s Book of Records as the record-breaking longest hotel indoor swimming pool. And now next to a the lane swimming pool and alongside a Russian bath (banya) is the infrared cabin.

Infrared Sauna Royal Moscow Hotel

Some have resisted the inclusion of modern cabins in a part of the world that has long held the traditional view of hot steam rooms and baths being the only true spa experience.

However, the use of public saunas in hotels has reached enough popularity that Olympic Hot Tub has published its rules for proper etiquette in these environments.  Their rules include simple common rules such as using what they call your indoor voices and showering prior to using a spa or steam room.

The guidelines may seem like common knowledge.  However, what is all too common is the breaking of that rule.  A door held open for even a minute allows the beneficial hot air to escape and breaks the relaxation environment by allowing outside noises to invade the occupants’ setting.

Industry Report and Outlook

A recent industry report form September 27, 2018 forecasts a bright future for the industry.  The market overall has grown by 50% during the past 5 years and is predicted to continue this trend.  The annual report from the Steam Rooms Market Outlook report supports this.

Most reports on the Steam Rooms Market provide an in-depth look at the Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018–2025. The Steam Rooms global market study answers several questions for stakeholders, mainly about which market segments they should focus on over the next seven years to decide where to put their efforts and money. These questions include the current state of the market, future market opportunities, and the global and regional distribution of the Steam Rooms industry.

Everything we read forecasts the industry’s growth rate and market value to be the driving factors in the market. The information on the Steam Rooms Market is built on the newest news, opportunities, and trends in the market. The Steam Rooms Global Market study report makes it easy to understand the important factors that will likely change the global market in the near future.

Some of the biggest manufacturers are also focused on growing their businesses in areas that could benefit them. The biggest companies in the industry control most of the business because they can reach a large number of people and have huge factories.

While the report delves deeply into a dizzying amount of details, facts and figures, the overall message is clear.  This market has been increasing and will continue to increase significantly during the next half a decade.  The same report goes on show how industry players are expanding their offerings due to this foretasted demand increase.

We Are Optimistic

We are very glad to see this great tool for health and healing gaining more attention and we are looking forward to what the new year brings to the market.  We already know of an enrichment one company will be adding to their current offerings.  And another company is finishing the testing of another size of one of their units.