The Top Sources of EMFs in the Home

Electromagnetic Devices in Your House

Perhaps you have heard of Electromagnetic Fields, called EMFs. But what the most common sources of EMFs you will encounter on a regular basis?


Natural forms have always existed. These are invisible to us but are present everywhere in our environment. They are often produced by the building up of natural electric changes in our atmosphere such as during thunderstorms. The natural field around the earth is what allows us to navigate by use of a compass which orients itself in a northern and southern direction. It is this same pull that is used by whales, fish and birds in their travel patterns.

Human Created Forms

Although natural forms of electromagnetic fields do not normally pose a threat, we start facing problems due to the type of wavelengths made by man. On our site we list infrared sauna emf ratings for the top rated saunas as well as some less desirable brands.  We can see some of the issues with made made versions of electromagnetic fields in this article on the WHO website:

Besides natural sources the electromagnetic spectrum also includes fields generated by human-made sources: X-rays are employed to diagnose a broken limb after a sport accident. The electricity that comes out of every power socket has associated low frequency electromagnetic fields. And various kinds of higher frequency radiowaves are used to transmit information – whether via TV antennas, radio stations or mobile phone base stations.

Mobile telephones, television and radio transmitters and radar produce RF fields. These fields are used to transmit information over long distances and form the basis of telecommunications as well as radio and television broadcasting all over the world. Microwaves are RF fields at high frequencies in the GHz range. In microwaves ovens, we use them to quickly heat food. WHO | What are electromagnetic fields?>


Why do the man made forms as discussed above cause problems?

Electric fields (EF) exist when there are differences in voltages. A stronger EF will result from a stronger voltage. Related to this are the Magnetic Fields (MF) which appear when electricity flows through some type of conduit and is the greatest when the current is the greatest.

While the EF will exist even when there is not flow of current, the combination of EF and MF will create the EMFs we are discussing in this article.


What Are the Top Sources of EMFs in the Home?

Cell Phones

Cell phones may be the biggest culprit mainly due to the fact that they are carried at all times and often placed next to the ear and near the body’s brain when in use as discussed here:

Cellphones are one of the major sources of EMF radiation out there. This isn’t only because of the strength of EMF radiation they emit. It’s because most people have a cellphone very close to their bodies nearly the entire day.

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioning cellphones on Shield Your Body. But it’s an important topic to reiterate. Most people simply don’t realize how much harm they’re exposing themselves to through a cellphone’s EMF radiation.

There is an increasing body of science linking cell phone use to brain tumors, as well as numerous other negative health effects. Even the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies cellphones as possibly carcinogenic to humans. 10 Sources of EMF Radiation In Your House– & What You Can Do About It

Laptop Computers

The length of time we are exposed to computers in various forms is the primary reason for the large amount of exposure. As LivingTheNourishedLife explains:

Laptops are a huge source of EMFs in most homes, not only because they emit high levels of EMFs (especially when using WiFi or hooked up to a power cord), but also because of where we use them: on our laps! This makes laptop computers a chief concern if you’re worried about EMFs. Read more about laptop radiation in this post HERE. Top 5 Sources of EMFS in Your Home and How to Avoid Them

Wi-Fi Devices

Any device that is using Wi-Fi via a network or wireless router will generate significant amounts of EMF radiation. We have so much smart technology in our lives that it is easy to forget about how much of it actually surrounds us. Wireless devices amplify this and pose a significant risk. Many homes have over a dozen such devices running at all times.

This wireless form has been shown to cause cancer, reproductive issues and child development problems. You can protect yourself by turning off the Wi-Fi routers and devices when they are not in use. It is easy to protect yourself during the 8 hours each night by removing all wireless devices form your bedroom. Low radiation Wi-Fi routers have also come to market and should be considered. And always ask yourself – do I need this new smart technology device?

Microwaves and Televisions

These two have been around in our homes much longer than the 3 previously mentioned. Modern flat screen televisions actually produce much less radiation than older models which is a positive in the midst of all the other negative trends. However choosing one with addiitonal smart technology such as Wi-Fi will increase the exposure.

Microwaves on the other hand emit enough radiation to literally cook food! They produces massive amounts of these electromagnetic fields. In our home, we choose to never use a microwave. If you do use yours, after starting the microwave, it is best to leave the kitchen while it is running. It is a small inconvenience that will easily minimize a massive amount of exposure.

While there are many hidden sources in the home, the above five are the most common and largest visible sources of this type of radiation exposure.


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