Far Infrared Saunas – Heal and Detox

What is Far infrared?

Far Infrared Sauna use a portion of light waves that can penetrate into the body and promote healing by releasing toxins. Infrared affects the skin first. As the skin is the largest organ and because it’s on the outside of the body, the infrared is going to interact with the skin first.

Infrared Sauna Ceramic HeatersThe sauna’s heat penetrates and brings the toxins out and makes the collagen and the cells of the skin more elastic.  It also has a positive effect on cellulite as it melts away the fat cells. There are a large number of testimonials about people experiencing this.

Current companies reviewed in depth include: Clearlight SaunasVital Health SaunasSunlighten Saunas, Health Mate Saunas, Heavenly Heat Saunas, icomfort infrared saunas, Rocky Mountain Saunas and Saunacore.  All brands including low EMF infrared saunas are on our main best infrared sauna reviews page.


How often should you use?

For the best results, you should try to use yours at least 3 times a week as a minimum. Less than that and it will not have the same effect. We have always suggested starting very conservatively. Try 15 minutes a couple times a week. Then build up to half an hour 3 or 4 times per week. But part of healing is knowing your body. So sitting in the sauna is an opportunity to listen to your body. When your body tells you to get out, simply get out. It will tell you it will tell you I’ve had enough.

We know of one holistic dentist for the last 15 years he’s been taking a session of an hour every day. He is a raw food advocate and he lives by the ocean. He says this hour per day is the core of his health. But for most people they don’t have to go in for more half an hour at least 3 times a week.

You can do it everyday if you have the time and you will feel immensely better. Dr Clement the leader at Hippocrates uses his every day as well.

Some people find they take their heat therapy at night they sleep like a baby other people fine if they take it at night it energizes them and they stay up and they got a lot of work done so find out which type you are. The best results are finding a time that works and getting your body used to that time of day.

If your practice is a couple times a week and at different times of the day, do not be concerned that you are not benefiting. You will still receive tremendous health benefits from your sauna with this type of use as well.

However, a person having a regular schedule in frequency and timing of day for many people will almost double the effectiveness from what we have seen.

Dry Brushing and Hydration

Two additional practices that will help your body shed the toxins and gain the most benefit is firstly to dry brush beforehand. There are a lot of videos and instructions on dry brushing. Basically using a brush intended for this, brush the skin firmly while brushing towards the heart. This has an added benefit of being one of the few things that activates the lymph system. Rebounding is perhaps the best for moving the lymph fluids.

Secondly, drink a lot of water before, during and after to re-hydrate. You could also take a good to mineral supplement as you will lose some minerals out of your body along with the toxins. Replace the lost electorylytes with minerals and if you prefer, good coconut water.

What About Contraindications?

We need to discuss when you shouldn’t use infrared heat therapy and some of the concerns that are raised by consumers. One of the biggest questions we get is can I go in the infrared sauna if I have breast implants or if I have joint replacements or platinum in my body. Also care should be taken if the consumer has a heart condition.

As the penetrating rays affects soft tissue and especially fat cells, it will normally have no effect on anything that has been put into your body at all.

It will not penetrate any metals and at most it is going to raise the core temperature of your body a couple degrees so it’s not going to melt anything. If you have a heart condition I always ask you to consult your primary care physician just to let them know. They probably may not know about infrared sauna. Explain its low temperature and that unlike a traditional steam sauna, it is comfortable to breathe so there’s a lot less stress on your body. Maybe send them some of the studies that have been done about the coronary heart disease and how it is help so that’s an indication

Can I Use Sauna While Pregnant?

If you are pregnant it is strongly recommended to Not use any sauna. The reason is that this would of course be releasing a lot of toxins from your cells and these would be temporarily available to be absorbed by the growing baby.

The time to consider this would be prior to conception. So if you’re thinking of getting pregnant or wanting to get pregnant that’s the time to really do a good year of using heat therapy to get all the toxins out of your body.

Infrared and Auto Immune Diseases?

When dealing with some rheumatoid diseases like lupus or Rheumatic arthritis and any of these inflammatory diseases, always proceed with caution. Observe how the body reacts. Many people been helped by infrared but you don’t want to inflame the condition.

Those are the major conditions that have found but always consult your physician if you have concerns.