What is ELF Extremely Low Frequency Electric Fields?

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electric fields have become an issue  of concern lately for infrared sauna users. Extremely low frequency radiation falls at the far lower end of the electrical spectrum. These are electrical fields which measure from 0 to 100,000 Hz.

It appears that less is known about ELF than EMF.  What is important is that levels above 1000 Mv can potentially be harmful and should be avoided when possible.

We are pleased to see at least two sauna companies aggressively addressing this area of concern. That is great news for you as you search for a sauna.

How Sauna Manufacturers Achieve Low ELF Levels

Manufacturers of high-quality infrared saunas can employ several techniques to reduce the levels.

Infrared Sauna conduit wiring

Clearlight Saunas and Heavenly Heat have attempted to address the potential issue using two methods.

This includes running all electrical wiring through metal conduit piping and other methods which shields the wiring. Clearlight also twists the wires which they state reduces the exposure even further.

To our knowledge, these are the only brands to address Electric Fields in this manner.

Shielding Techniques

Materials that block or alter electromagnetic fields are integrated into the sauna’s design. This can include special wiring or shielding barriers that contain and neutralize ELF emissions.

Safer Electrical Components

Using components that naturally emit lower amounts, or designing the electrical circuits in ways that minimize emissions.

Distance Design

Positioning heating elements and electrical components strategically to keep them as far from the sauna users as possible.

Brilliant Design: Heavenly Heat recently demonstrated an excellent understanding of this concept.  In 2024 they are adding a grounding plug so that grounding pads can be used inside their saunas.  However, instead of the typical 3 prong outlet with its corresponding high LEF and High EMF wiring, they have including only the grounding hole.  This adds zero additional EMF or ELF.  Brilliant design choice.

Heavenly Heat Combo Sauna 2024

Two Sauna Brands That Shield ELFs

It appears that Clearlight was the first company that has directly addressed this murky area of infrared.  This company has been an innovator in infrared technology numerous times during the past 20 years.

Heavenly Heat Saunas has now equaled if not surpassed them in shielding this.  Heavenly Heat is more dedicated to this than any other brand we have researched including talking with brand owners.

Both of these brands are lowest emf saunas and shield the wires and connectors to protect you while you are in the sauna.

Many brands are at a level of 20x the concern threshold. The Threshold Of Concern level for ELF is 1,000 mV.

Electric Power Line Electric Fields ELF

Why Low ELF Levels are Important in Saunas

Are ELF A Health Risk for Sauna Users?

The concern about excessive exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, called EMFs, were first raised almost 40 years ago.  At that time research showed a connection between exposure to EMF and certain types of serious health conditions including childhood leukemia. Since that time there has been increased awareness regarding the safety of electromagnetic fields.

Recently, more concern has been directed specifically at electric fields. Power lines are the most common culprit which radiate an electric field.  However, any electrical appliance will radiate some level of Electric Fields. While we cannot completely eliminate all exposure, our goal should be to minimize direct exposure where possible.

We know that use of infrared for healing can dramatically improve overall health and that all infrared devices will result in some degree of exposure to electric fields.  So the key is to keep the amount at a safe level.

How Does ELF Affect A Person?

When measured away from any electrical source, the body’s natural voltage is near 0 mV.  When this increased to a high level, it can affect sleep and cause other issues.

Safe levels are below 1,000 mV. Clearlight Sauna has stated that their products affect on a user were tested as low as 200 mV.  That is far below the accepted level.

Please note that in some other brands, including some high end expensive ones, this can often exceed 20,000 mV.

It is important to note that as with many things this can differ according to each person.  A person with high salt levels can have slightly higher levels as salt is a conductor.

Electrical Meter Reader

What Is The Safe Level Of ELF?

What is the safe level for normal activity?

Many industry brands are at a level of 20x the concern threshold. Technically, the threshold of concern level for ELF is 1,000 mV.

ELF Are Non-Ionizing Radiation

Ionizing radiation like X-rays can remove an electron from an atom which can damage the DNA inside cells.  This can be a cause of diseases including cancer.

Extremely low frequency radiation, on the other hand is different.  It is at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This means that it falls into the category of being a non-ionizing radiation form of energy.

It lacks the power to remove electrons and, therefore, it cannot directly damage your DNA.

How is ELF Measured?

Very specialized equipment known as ELF meters or gauges are used to is used measure Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) emissions in saunas. They measure the strength of the fields, which typically range from 3 Hz to 300 Hz. Common tools include:

ELF Magnetic Field Meter

This device measures the magnetic component of the ELF fields. It is used to assess the levels of emissions from the electrical wiring and heating elements in the sauna.

Tri-Field Meter

TriField EMF Reader in Infrared Sauna

This is a much more comprehensive tool that can measure magnetic and electric power. It is particularly useful for detecting a wide range of electromagnetic fields  This includes electric emissions.

We are bombarded by all forms of currents on a daily basis from appliances.  It is our opinion at Healing Heat Therapy that while addressing these in regards to infrared use is critical, it is not necessary to reduce all exposure to zero.  The important issue is to address them in a significant manner and to substantially reduce the levels of exposures.

Once that is accomplished, as consumers we should move ahead with the purchase of a sauna and use it regularly. Being anxious about what little levels remain likely does much more harm to the body through stress than any exposure that remains.

We are glad to have witnessed many companies addressing these related issues during the past decade and look forward to seeing more address this issue as well.