Sauna Chromotherapy Lights – How Does Each Color Benefit You?

Color Spectrum Hues Have Individual Effects

We have written about Chromo therapy previously.  Mainly focused on its benefits and how it is becoming more popular as an option in infrared saunas. This article highlights a little more of the individual benefits the various colors provide.

As far back as 1987, in a book which became a best seller entitled Color Me Beautiful, author Carol Jackson wrote about how various colored clothing would highlight a person’s eyes. Different people had different palates of clothing which could create various images for the same person.

She also wrote about chromotherapy and how it could enhance a person’s mind and body. Even confidence could be influenced by choosing certain shades of clothing.

Now, decades later, more sauna companies are adding this feature as standard. Some such as Clearlight offer  medical grade levels of the feature.

According to the following website, the effects have earned more notoriety and evidence:

Today, there is enough evidence that has documented these organic reactions in the flora and fauna of earth. The potencies and qualities of every object are determined by the color of that object. Even the language we humans use denotes this, for example:

Color therapy or chromotherapy is one of the most ancient healing therapies that have been used in several parts of the world. When used right, it can help harness the energy of the sunlight to boost natural healing ability of the body, not only to cure diseases but also prevent them. How Color Therapy or Chromotherapy Can Heal Your Body


 What are Common Sauna Chromotherapy Colors?

Red is one of the brighter hues and can increase energy and create excitement.  It invigorates a person and energizes the body’s organs.  When used alongside infrared, it can help promote faster healing.  Collagen cells and the skin itself are improved.

Orange is similar to red in that it can stimulate thinking and uplifts the emotions.  Energy levels are increased and a person’s overall mood can be greatly enhanced.

Yellow is thought to be more of a spiritual nature, providing a better outlook.  Most people are more lighthearted and feel more optimistic around yellow.

Green is a universally calming and healing hue. Many who suffer from SAD (winter blues due to lower light levels) often find some relief from green.  It can have the effect of offering sharper thinking and clarity.  It is suggested that green will program the body to respond by increasing whatever healing is already taking place.

Blue is also known to relive depression.  It can calm inflammation, headaches and blood pressure. It also has an antibacterial effect on the skin. Many medical offices have images of blue skies and white clouds as the combination is very calming and relaxing.

Purple has been shown to often help a person deal with existing pain.  It has been shown to help those suffering form fibromyalgia.  Even white blood cells are energized by the purple spectrum of light.  It is very soothing.


Color Lights as a Sauna Feature

Healthmate Saunas, one of our top rated companies, has a brief but helpful page on this topic. It is a fun, interactive page where hovering over the various icons will change the color of the sauna image, revealing how yours will look as the feature rotates among the various hues. Here is the image on their page when hovering over the red icon and their introduction to this feature:

Chromotherapy, or Color Light Therapy, is the use of colored lights to stimulate the senses, the body, and the mind. The spectrum of color usage is endless, with its ability to elevate moods, produce soothing mindsets, stimulate cell regeneration, and help in healing.

When used with our far infrared sauna mates and their healing benefits, nurture from nature is a light switch away. Chromotherapy – Health Mate Sauna

The same page on their site shares some aspects about White light. We find it particularly interesting that it says white light can increase Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D (which is actually a hormone, not a vitamin) is crucial for many bodily functions and hormone production.

We obtain Vitamin D3 when sunlight directly impacts our skin. During winter months or when the sun is below 45 degrees, we do not create Vitamin D3 from sunlight.


White Light as a Chromotherapy Option

While we may not think of White light being anything unique or special, when used in light therapy, it can have significant benefits. It is interesting to note what Healthmate states that white light is the most common in LED therapy:


It uses the three primary colors (Red, Green, & Blue), making it easy to receive the benefits from all the colors used for color therapy. Research has shown that white light can even increase vitamin D levels. Chromotherapy – Health Mate Sauna


While some of the evidence of benefits is empirical, there is enough that we use this feature at home in our infrared sauna.  Consider using this feature in your sauna or including it in your purchase.


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