What is Far infrared Therapy?

Far Infrared Saunas use a safe portion of light wavelengths that penetrate into the body and stimulate healing. The fir infrared will promote additional collagen production and release toxins from fatty tissues. Benefits include weight loss, pain relief and improved circulation.

The sauna’s heat penetrates and brings the toxins out and makes the collagen and the cells of the skin more elastic. It also has a positive effect on cellulite as it melts away the fat cells. There are a large number of testimonials and studies supporting these findings. Infrared light therapy will reduce inflammation in the body resulting in improvement in many other medical conditions.

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Infrared Sauna Brands Reviewed:

Brands including best low EMF infrared sauna are on our best infrared sauna reviews page. Some are:

Brands Use Carbon or Ceramic Infrared Heaters

Carbon is very popular and are usually large black panels with some wood slats across the front to protect the panel. Ceramic are usually vertical tubes with reflector panels. Ceramic heat up faster and are much hotter. Care must be taken around ceramic heaters as skin can be instantly burned if contact is made directly with the heating element.

Each has its own beneficial characteristics. Our top rated brand, Jacuzzi Clearlight, uses a proprietary unique blending of ceramic woven into the carbon fibers of its panels. The panels are warm, safe and effective.

More information is provided on the Clearlight page as well as on more details on each type on other brand review pages. Some brands add near infrared light bulbs or near and mid panels to provide full spectrum light therapy.

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How To Best Use Your Sauna

How Often Should You Use a Sauna?

For the best results, try to have a sauna session at least 3 times a week as a minimum. Less than 3 sessions per week will not produce the best results but will still provide benefit. We always suggest starting conservatively. Begin with 15 minutes a couple times a week

We know of one holistic dentist for the last 15 years that has been taking a session of an hour every day. He is a raw food advocate and he lives by the ocean. He says this hour per day is the core of his health. But most people do not need more a half an hour session at least 3 times a week.

You can use it everyday if you have the time and you will feel immensely better. Dr Clement the leader at Hippocrates uses his every day as well.

When to Use Sauna?

Using infrared heat therapy in the evening is best if you find that it relaxes you. Mornings are better if it energizes you. Your body will tell you the best time of day. Reports indicate a regular schedule in frequency and timing of day will almost double the effectiveness.

If your practice is a couple times a week and at different times of the day, do not be concerned that you are not benefiting. You will still receive tremendous infrared sauna benefits with this type of use as well. However, it is best to have a regular schedule.

How Hot do Infrared Saunas Get?

A far infrared unit can get up to 150 degrees. An ideal temperature for an infrared sauna is 110°F to 130°F. The amount of infrared you receive is more important than the temperature. Often, lower temperature produces a better detoxification of toxins.

Infrared Sauna Control Panel Temperature Setting


How Long Do You Have To Sit In A Sauna To Detox?

Studies reveal that 30 minutes at least 3 times per week provide the most healing and detox benefits. However, even 15 minute sessions will provide benefits. Up to an hour is acceptable but is best enjoyed at a lower temperature. 10 minutes is good for a pre-workout muscle warm up.

Woman Sitting in Infrared SaunaMost people will be safe within these guidelines. However, it is important to allow your body to cool down after a longer session by relaxing for 15 minutes or enjoying a cool shower. The shower is our preferred method and it also washes the skin of contaminants released through sweating. It is important to remember to hydrate well before, during and after your session. Filtered water, electrolyte rich drinks or mineral-rich coconut water are excellent hydration choices.

Longer sessions of 45 minutes and more can result in raising core body temperature which induces a temporary condition similar to a fever that can heal. If the is simply warming and relaxing your muscles before or after a workout, then 10 minutes is plenty of time.

Note: There is a significant difference between therapeutic healing infrared products and those that are purely recreational. Units that sell for $1500 or less are designed for purely recreation purpose regardless of marketing claims. You will experience little if any therapeutic benefit. This is discussed throughout our website.

Dry Brushing and Hydration

Dry Brushing in InfraredTwo additional practices that will help your body shed the toxins and gain the most benefit are dry brushing and proper hydration. Dry brushing is very effective when done before your heat therapy session. There are a lot of videos and instructions on dry brushing.

Basically using a brush specifically intended for this purpose, brush the skin firmly while brushing towards the heart. This has an added benefit of being one of the few things that activates the lymph system. Rebounding is perhaps the best for moving the lymph fluids.

Secondly, drink a lot of water before, during and after to re-hydrate. You could also take a good to mineral supplement as you will lose some minerals out of your body along with the toxins. Replace the lost electrolytes with minerals or some good coconut water.

Types of Saunas

There are three primary types.

Finnish Saunas

This type can be traditional Finnish, electric Finnish or a smoke sauna.

This is deeply rooted in Finnish culture and many consider it to be the only true experience and is widely recognized as a Finnish heritage.  Its benefits are relaxation and detoxification in public or private settings.

Infrared Sauna

A modern design with technological advancements in wellness that uses an excellent form of healing heat therapy known as infrared light to heat the body directly as opposed to traditional that heats the air.  These are a modern alternative to traditional saunas that often includes chromotherapy, and are used in homes, spas and gyms.  They features benefits of deep tissue penetration and lower temperatures.

Steam Sauna (Steam Room)

This functions as a high-humidity environment that is popular in various cultures.  They are often used in spas, gyms and even public bathhouses. Benefits focus on skin hydration and respiratory benefits.

Other Types

Others are indoor and outdoor wood-burning, portable saunas such as domes, pods and blankets, electric dry, carbon and ceramic heated.  Additional home saunas such as garden, barrel, cabin and custom-built.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

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The potential benefits include:

Questions And Concerns When Using Infrared Saunas

What About Contraindications?

We need to discuss when you shouldn’t use infrared heat therapy and some of the concerns that are raised by consumers. One of the biggest questions we get is can I expose myself to infrared if I have breast implants, joint replacements or platinum in my body. Care should always be taken if the consumer has a heart condition.

As the penetrating rays affects soft tissue and especially fat cells, it will normally have no effect on anything that has been put into your body.

It will not penetrate any metals and at most it is going to raise the core temperature of your body a couple degrees so it will not melt anything. If you have a heart condition, always consult your primary care physician just to let them know. They may not know much at all about infrared. Explain its low temperature and that unlike a traditional steam sauna, it is comfortable to breathe so there is a lot less stress on your body. Perhaps even send them some of the studies that have been done regarding this therapy and coronary heart disease.

Can I Use Sauna While Pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant it is strongly recommended to Not use any type. The reason is that this will be releasing a lot of toxins from your cells and these would be temporarily available to be absorbed by the growing baby.

If you are thinking of getting pregnant that is the time to do a good year of using heat therapy to get as many of the toxins as possible out of your body.

Infrared and Auto Immune Diseases?

When dealing with some rheumatoid diseases like lupus or rheumatic arthritis or similar inflammatory diseases, always proceed with caution. Observe how the body reacts. Many people been helped by infrared but you don’t want to inflame the condition. Halotherapy salt therapy can also be used but health conditions need to be considered before using.

There are many major conditions that have shown to be improved with the use of this heat therapy. However, always consult your physician if you have concerns.

Do Infrared saunas use a lot of electricity?

An average infrared type will use approximately 1 KWh of electricity. In the US, that will result in a cost of around 12 cents per hour. Most people will use less than $1 of electricity per week.

Our Website I Based On Research Since 2012

We have studied and researched this therapy since 2012 and experienced many benefits from its use ourselves. We regularly talk with the owners of several companies to stay current on advancements and product offerings. We are confident you will experience improvement in overall wellness from this yourself. The amount of benefit will depend largely on regular use and the quality of the brand you purchase and use.

It cannot be overstated that effectiveness varies widely among brands. Treatment involves an increase in core body temperature, not simply warming up the air. Units that have a cost of $1500 will largely be only for recreational use such as warming of muscles prior to exercise. For deep therapeutic benefit and healing, a quality brand that uses effective heaters will be required. Not all high cost brands provide this level of penetrating fir infrared. We have summarized our rating of many well known companies on our best infrared sauna reviews page.

As well, each brand is reviewed individually on its own review page which will go into detail on features such as the best wood for infrared sauna and how those provide benefit to you.

Our hope is that you gain much form our site and that is saves you many hours of researching. When you purchase one of these effective products, it will be like having your own healthy in home spa.