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Low EMF Levels in Infrared Sauna – How Important?

How Common and Dangerous are EMF? Electromagnatic Fields, called EMF, are mentioned often when the topic of infrared saunas is discussed.  EMF are the combination of magnetic and electrical energies that accompany and surround any electrical device.  The amount is measured in milligauss (mG). But is it really an important area of concern?  In the […]

Chromotherapy Lights in Infrared Saunas – Are They Effective?

Can Color Lights Really Heal and Improve Mood? Chromotherapy Lights are offered as an option on most infrared saunas.  This is a therapy that has been used for centuries. But how does it work and is there any evidence that it helps you at all? What is Chromotherapy? It is the application of color lights […]

Why Detoxification with Infrared Saunas is Important

Do we really need to think about detoxification and are we really exposed to that many toxins?  And of greater interest, can infrared saunas help with this removal of toxins. Over the past century, medicine and technology have advanced in remarkable ways providing us with many comforts and products.  However this has been accompanied by […]

Saunas Promote Relaxation and Proper Adrenal Function

Want to Learn to be Relaxed? We live in a world that is in constant motion and activity – the opposite of relaxation.  Can you relate?  The real problem with this is that the body often does not shut down this constant state of alertness. The state of being always in alert mode is known […]

Lyme Disease Sufferers Benefit From Infrared Sauna Use

Can Infrared saunas help in the treatment of Lyme disease? Saunas are not technically medical devices and therefore cannot be said to cure anything.  We have stated previously hat infrared sauna do not cure anything- medication and surgeries perform that function. However they are tremendous at healing from many ailments.  The difference is that healing […]

Dry Brushing Improves the Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna

While an infrared sauna on its own provides tremendous health benefits, dry brushing can increase these effects.  This is basically is a way to wake up the skin and begin increased circulation of the blood.  It is a process of using an all natural bristle brush to stimulate the skin, turning it a slight pink […]