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Halotherapy – Salt Therapy in Infrared Saunas

What is Salt Halotherapy? “Halotherapy, a Greek word meaning salt, is a form of alternative medicine practiced for centuries, which uses diffused airborne salt to cleanse respiratory conditions. This can be in salt caves or by use of a Halogenerator to reproduce the natural climate by diffusing the fine mineral dust in a confined space. […]

Did Jacuzzi Buy Clearlight? The Infrared Sauna Partnership Explained

Jacuzzi Clearlight Licensing Agreement Details Jacuzzi did not purchase Clearlight saunas. Jacuzzi wanted to expand its product offerings to include infrared saunas and in May 2017, Jacuzzi agreed to form a partnership with Clearlight. Jacuzzi selected Clearlight after conducting over 2 years of due diligence.  We explain the decisions and details behind the partnership to help […]

Infrared Saunas Can Remove Both Internal and External Toxins

Eliminating Two Types of Toxins One of the most powerful benefits of an infrared sauna is detoxification. But what is this process of detoxing talked about by so many websites? To clarify the terms, these substances fall into two main categories. They are internal poisons and external poisons. But what exactly are toxins? A clinical definition is […]

Low ELF in Infrared Saunas – Extremely Low Frequency

What is ELF? Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) has become an issue  of concern lately for infrared sauna users. Extremely low frequency radiation falls at the far lower end of the electrical spectrum. These are electrical fields which measure from 0 to 100,000 Hz. One sauna company has been at the forefront in testing and shielding sauna users […]

Chromotherapy Lights in Infrared Saunas – Are They Effective?

Can Color Lights Really Heal and Improve Mood? Chromotherapy Lights are offered as an option on most infrared saunas.  This is a therapy that has been used for centuries. But how does it work and is there any evidence that it helps you at all? What is Chromotherapy? It is the application of color lights […]