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What is the Best Wood to Use for a Sauna?

Which Wood is Most Often Used in a Sauna? Cedar, hemlock, basswood and poplar are the most often used woods for saunas. Eucalyptus and sometimes pine can be used. Cedar has a rich aroma and is most often associated with a sauna. Poplar is a clean wood and is best for chemically sensitive people. You […]

Infrared Sauna Heater Placement – Are They Needed in the Front?

Do Saunas Need Front Heaters? One of the critical elements in choosing an infrared sauna is the locations of the heaters.  The emissivity and power of the heating elements is critical, but their location is an area that many brands struggle to utilize. A key to deep detoxification and sweating is raising your core body […]

Infrared Saunas and Spas Trending for 2019 at Luxury Resorts

Saunas and Steam Spas Increase at Traditional Hotels An interesting trend is that of luxury hotels and resorts have been adding infrared saunas as well as the traditional Finnish style.  This is a trend that we welcome.  And it includes traditional and established resorts usually steeped in the tradition of Finnish only.  Pools, spas, hot […]

Infrared Sauna Market Predicted to Increase Significantly Through 2022

Recent Growth of Infrared Popularity We know that infrared saunas provide tremendous health benefits. As more consumers are educated, they have become increasingly popular and more often a topic of conversation. A friend of mine first had one in his home over 20 years ago along with a hot tub. He informed me at that […]

7 Tips When Buying an Infrared Sauna – What is Most Important?

7 Hints For Choosing a Sauna A Sauna purchase is a big investment and has incredible potential to boost your health. To give you quick help and tips for your purchase decision, we have attempted to take 5 years of research knowledge and condense it into very brief bits of information and tips. As a result, […]