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Sauna Chromotherapy Lights – How Does Each Color Benefit You?

Color Spectrum Hues Have Individual Effects We have written about Chromo therapy previously.  Mainly focused on its benefits and how it is becoming more popular as an option in infrared saunas. This article highlights a little more of the individual benefits the various colors provide. As far back as 1987, in a book which became […]

The Top Sources of EMFs in the Home

Electromagnetic Devices in Your House Perhaps you have heard of Electromagnetic Fields, called EMFs. But what the most common sources of EMFs you will encounter on a regular basis? NATURAL FORMS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS Natural forms have always existed. These are invisible to us but are present everywhere in our environment. They are often produced […]

Sauna Therapy – How To Tips for the Most Benefit

Tips For the Best Health Benefits One of the primary health reasons for using a sauna and possibly the most beneficial is that of detoxification.  An infrared detox can result in elimination of heavy metals, chemicals and many other toxins which are detrimental to your health.  While any time in a sauna can result in […]

What is the Best Wood to Use for a Sauna?

Which Wood is Most Often Used in a Sauna? Cedar, hemlock, basswood and poplar are the most often used woods for saunas. Eucalyptus and sometimes pine can be used. Cedar has a rich aroma and is most often associated with a sauna. Poplar is a clean wood and is best for chemically sensitive people. You […]

Infrared Sauna Heater Placement – Are They Needed in the Front?

Do Saunas Need Front Heaters? One of the critical elements in choosing an infrared sauna is the locations of the heaters.  The emissivity and power of the heating elements is critical, but their location is an area that many brands struggle to utilize. A key to deep detoxification and sweating is raising your core body […]

Halotherapy – Salt Therapy in Infrared Saunas

What is Salt Halotherapy? “Halotherapy, a Greek word meaning salt, is a form of alternative medicine practiced for centuries, which uses diffused airborne salt to cleanse respiratory conditions. This can be in salt caves or by use of a Halogenerator to reproduce the natural climate by diffusing the fine mineral dust in a confined space. […]

Did Jacuzzi Buy Clearlight? The Infrared Sauna Partnership Explained

Jacuzzi Clearlight Licensing Agreement Details Jacuzzi did not purchase Clearlight saunas. Jacuzzi wanted to expand its product offerings to include infrared saunas and in May 2017, Jacuzzi agreed to form a partnership with Clearlight. Jacuzzi selected Clearlight after conducting over 2 years of due diligence.  We explain the decisions and details behind the partnership to help […]

Infrared Saunas and Spas Trending for 2019 at Luxury Resorts

Saunas and Steam Spas Increase at Traditional Hotels An interesting trend is that of luxury hotels and resorts have been adding infrared saunas as well as the traditional Finnish style.  This is a trend that we welcome.  And it includes traditional and established resorts usually steeped in the tradition of Finnish only.  Pools, spas, hot […]

Infrared Sauna Market Predicted to Increase Significantly Through 2022

Recent Growth of Infrared Popularity We know that infrared saunas provide tremendous health benefits. As more consumers are educated, they have become increasingly popular and more often a topic of conversation. A friend of mine first had one in his home over 20 years ago along with a hot tub. He informed me at that […]

Infrared Saunas Can Remove Both Internal and External Toxins

Eliminating Two Types of Toxins One of the most powerful benefits of an infrared sauna is detoxification. But what is this process of detoxing talked about by so many websites? To clarify the terms, these substances fall into two main categories. They are internal poisons and external poisons. But what exactly are toxins? A clinical definition is […]

Low ELF in Infrared Saunas – Extremely Low Frequency

What is ELF? Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) has become an issue  of concern lately for infrared sauna users. Extremely low frequency radiation falls at the far lower end of the electrical spectrum. These are electrical fields which measure from 0 to 100,000 Hz. One sauna company has been at the forefront in testing and shielding sauna users […]

Aromatherapy – Most Popular Scents in Infrared Saunas

What Are the Most Common Essential Oils? Aromatherapy has become more popular with infrared sauna users and some brands now add methods to diffuse these aromas to their sauna product offerings.  Here is a brief look at some of the more popular essential oils. Lemon Oil – Invigorate Your Sauna Session Lemon, like orange and […]

Best Temperature for Infrared Saunas – Tips for Most Benefits

What is the Ideal Far Infrared Sauna Temperature? An ideal temperature is between 110-130 degrees. However, it depends on what you want to accomplish. In an infrared sauna, you will have a better detoxification at lower temperatures and you will sweat more at higher settings. Remember that infrared is what heals, not sweating. What is […]

7 Tips When Buying an Infrared Sauna – What is Most Important?

7 Hints For Choosing a Sauna A Sauna purchase is a big investment and has incredible potential to boost your health. To give you quick help and tips for your purchase decision, we have attempted to take 5 years of research knowledge and condense it into very brief bits of information and tips. As a result, […]

Aromatherapy in Infrared Saunas – Purpose and Benefits

Is There Therapeutic Value in Using Essential Oils? We all know the powerful refreshing smell of the citrus oils when we peel an orange or lemon.  That aroma alone can often bring a smile to our face or a boost to our emotions.  But is there more to this than just a pleasing smell?  Yes, there […]