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We have been reviewing saunas, studying infrared healing and talking with infrared sauna manufacturers since 2011.  We are very fortunate to be able to talk with several sauna company owners on a regular basis.  A few we talk with monthly, learning of upcoming products and additions to existing products.


Our Mission

Our hope is that our reviews and information will save you may hours of frustrating online research and wasted phone calls.  We have learned about the good and bad in saunas and our desire to is pass that information along to you.


Our Story

A family member has suffered with a debilitating soft tissue injury for 2010 and it was our purchase of an infrared sauna that has provided the only degree of healing and improvement in mobility that has been experienced.

Our sauna purchase began in late 2011 with our own online research.  We encountered many conflicting reviews and inflated marketing hype.  Does that sound familiar to you?

We almost considered giving up on the idea as the decision seemed to be very difficult to make.  But I then talked with Dr. Raleigh Duncan, the founder of Clearlight Saunas.  He spent time on 2 phone calls answering every question I had and providing information on a lot of things I had not even considered.  Shortly after this, we purchased our Clearlight Sauna.  We choose a corner model that had only one bench as it allowed the family member to stand in the sauna and move around with its ample floor space.

However, that is not the only brand we recommend.  Since then, we have gotten to know Bob Morgan, the owner of Heavenly Heat saunas.  His saunas are made here in the USA with incredible attention to purity.  They are unrivaled as far as clean, glue-free toxin-free sauna cabins.  The top doctor  in the world on chemical sensitivity endorses and uses Heavenly Heat  Saunas.

We examine and review additional brands as well.


Who We Are

We have owned an online organic food store for 5 years and currently has a small store offering a limited selection of powerful wellness products, which has also allowed us to stay on the pulse of the health-conscious community.  Note:  We don’t promote our stores on this Sauna site as that is not the intention of this site.


Our Reviews and Information

As a consumer, you are faced with a dizzying amount of information regarding saunas, much of which can be misleading.  We cut through all the clutter and help you choose the best sauna that is right for you.  One that will last a lifetime and provide true infrared healing.


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