Health Mate Sauna Reviews – Are There Complaints?

Should You Choose a HealthMate for Infrared?

Your health is likely your most treasured possession and a Health Mate Sauna could be an excellent purchase to improve your health. Knowing quality infrared detox therapy is one of the best methods towards great health and a pathway to deep healing as well, you would do well to consider a Health Mate Sauna.

We first researched Health Mate Saunas 4 years ago and have impressed with them since.  In 2015 the company upgraded its website and expanded its product line.  Now again in 2016, we again talked with the company and researched how its new products have been received.

Many online Healthmate sauna reviews are basic facts from the company website simply repeated with no research or understanding of the brand.

In direct contrast, we want this Healthmate Sauna review to save you hours of time and research.

Primarily, this company has long been known for excellent craftsmanship and for their Tecoloy Steel Ceramic heaters.  Pictured below is one of the newer models which adds carbon panels and includes a ceramic heater under the bench.

HealthMate Sauna Renew ii

HealthMate Saunas Renew ii


Quick Rating: Health Mate Sauna Review of Features



Extensive 30-year History producing products and wood for dozens of companies in the industry.


Heating Element

Healthmate Saunas have a patented Tecoloy ceramic steel heater while some models add carbon panels.



Warranty is good with lifetime on their Tecoloy heaters.  The TruInfra Heaters, controller, craftsmanship, power supply and LED lights have 5 years coverage.  We would like to see more components have lifetime coverage.


Product Line

In 2016 they expanded their one product line into several quality lines for all consumers.


EMF Levels

While not the lowest in the industry, EMF levels are acceptable and test results are posted on their site.


Product Cabins

Uses clean non-toxic wood from its parent company, PLH Products.  These are beautiful wood cabins.

Note: When calling Healthmate Saunas you will need to deal with a slightly cumbersome process. The number you dial on their website is the number of PLH Products, their parent company. PLH Products supplies excellent wood to numerous infrared companies around the world. When calling, Option 1 will take you to sales. Choosing option 1 a second time will take you into their infrared sales. I wish the parent company would implement a direct number for this division. But this shouldn’t prevent you from contacting them or considering this brand.

HealthMate Sauna Prices can be obtained by phone call or by online request.  They range from $2900-$6500.

When you choose a HealthMate infrared sauna for your healing therapy, you are choosing over thirty years of experience in research and production. The company is in the business of producing one of the better products you can buy.  This is not a sideline to the company. Producing the very best products is all they do. This dedication and focus is reflected in the rock solid A+ rating it has received from the Better Business Bureau.

Building upon these 30 years of history, these are affordable, as well as convenient to set up.  They utilize true far infrared radiant heat to provide some of the best health benefits currently available.

HealthMate Sauna Enrich iii

Health Mate Sauna Enrich iii

What Kind of Warranty?

The company has five production facilities, located on three continents, which do nothing but produce the components and materials used in every Health Mate sauna.  Every aspect of  production is handled exclusively by these facilities.  Unlike most competitors, a Health Mate infrared sauna has been designed and assembled, from start to finish, in a company owned factory by its own employees. This provides you, the consumer, with a high level of quality assurance.

Their stated mission is to strive for one hundred percent customer satisfaction.  From top notch craftsmanship, to original and fresh design, to superior customer service, everything they do is aimed towards providing their customers with the best therapy experience possible.

As a result of this, Healthmate saunas carry a lifetime warranty on their patented heating element.  Other components including the TruInfra heaters and power supply are covered for 5 years.

We would like to see the lifetime part of their warranty cover the entire product as the warranty on competing Clearlight does. However, this warranty does cover the expensive and most critical aspect of the product, the heating element, for your lifetime.

This is a warranty that is one of the better in the industry.


Are Their Tecoloy Heaters Effective?

HealthMate Sauna Tecoloy Heaters

HealthMate Saunas Tecoloy Heaters

The company claims they avoid many of the weaknesses of the standard ceramic rods used by other companies.

Standard ceramic heaters are known for higher heat and a quick warm up time.  However they are also known for uneven heat and cool spots on the ceramic rods.  Additionally, most ceramic rods are fragile with the normal effective life of these being around 5 years, industry wide.  This fragile nature is often a result of the weaker sand filled pipes typically used in the heaters of most cheaper units.

Instead, they take a somewhat standard ceramic heater and encases it in encoloy and adds an alloy and carbon based center to the rod.  This process eliminates those cool spots in both the heater rods and the cabin space, providing the user with an extremely even heat normally absent from this type of heater.

This is likely why these carry a lifetime warranty – which is rare in the industry.  A good warranty is something to strongly consider when making your purchase decision.


So is there any evidence to back up the company’s claim?

Health Mate Tecoloy® heaters are certified by Underwriters Laboratories.  This means that they have been independently proven to be effective and efficient unlike many other ceramic-based brands on the market. This is because the patented Tecoloy® heaters provide their heat in the far infrared spectrum.

Far infrared radiant heat is the only form of radiant heat capable of penetrating the human body to a depth of two to three inches. This penetrating heat is what provides the deep muscle relaxation and beneficial detoxifying effects of infrared possible.


Healthmate Product Lines

In 2015, the company upgraded its website and expanded its product lines which can now be a bit confusing.  Here is a simple way to understand them.  It had previously carried the Classic as its main line and now has three. Chromotherapy color lights are included.

HealthMate Sauna Renew iii

HealthMate Sauna Renew iii Woman relaxing

Renew – Renew is a new, lower entry line using both carbon and ceramic steel heaters (pictured above).  This is a terrific, better alternative to inferior brands such as Rocky Mountain, Coastal or others.  Definitely much better than the cheap recreational units such as Dynamic that are sold at large chain stores.

There are a couple weaknesses we see in this new line.  First is the lack of heaters on the sides of the interior.  They are also missing from the front and also the sides of the legs as well.  There is carbon on the back and ceramic under the bench.  The wooden slats are a little too wide which blocks a bit of the carbon heaters.  Infrared does not penetrate through wood.

Perhaps improvements will be made to this model in the future. As expected, craftsmanship is outstanding and the wood is top grade and beautiful.

Enrich Mate – High Quality line basically replacing and upgrading  its previous Classic line.  Uses several of their patented Tecoloy ceramic elements.

HealthMate Sauna Restore Conditioning

HealthMate Restore Conditioning Model

Restore Mate – Large size units. The Conditioning pictured above is one of the Restore Mate models and allows for wheelchair entrance or yoga workouts.  Another has two levels for multiple people.  The third allows a person up to 6′ 5″ tall to recline.

Essential Mate – These are lower body only units.


healthmate-accesoriesRefresh – These are specialty items such as feet-only units.  Some of their accessories are pictured above.


Tecoloy Low EMF Levels

While not the lowest in the industry, the EMF levels a few inches away from the heaters, where users sit, are at acceptable levels and far below the dangerous levels of most cheaper and a few expensive brands.  Keep in mind that while high price cannot always be a good indicator of a safe product, a cheap price is almost certainly indicative of unsafe EMF levels. A safe EMF level is typically declared to be below 3.0 milligauss (mG).

If you are concerned about deep healing and your overall health, it is very wise to avoid cheap brands.  They may look similar to the better ones.  But by providing you with little infrared therapy and at the same time exposing you to high levels of EMF, a cheap unit is not a value or a bargain.


Non-Toxic Wood and Quality Construction?

HealthMate Sauna Wood

Beautiful Wood Craftsmanship

Another plus is that every Health Mate infrared sauna is constructed with only the finest, handpicked, materials, including the highest quality wood of Western Red Cedar and Hemlock.  This wood is sourced directly from Canadian forests and transported to the company’s three hundred thousand square foot lumber mill for processing.  Only the center cut of each log is used to produce the wood in your Health Mate sauna.

In addition, each piece of this wood is individually inspected and hand selected for quality. You will never find defective pieces or knots in your Health Mate sauna.  The wood is air dried for weeks and then kiln dried.  This prevents cracking and splitting when it is later exposed to all of the heat cycles you will put it through over the many years of its service.


Are There Many Health Mate Sauna Complaints?

Not really.  It is rare to find Healthmate Sauna complaints online. This company avoids this by providing solid products.


A Top Infrared Recommendation?

As you are in the market for a quality health product, a Health Mate infrared sauna is one of your finest choices. It is among our top recommended brands and should be one of your top considerations. It utilizes a patented, effective and safe heater in a cabin of quality selected wood, based on decades of manufacturing experience.  It is no wonder why it has a history of so many satisfied customers.

You consider your health to be your most important asset.  A Health Mate sauna will be a quality far infrared sauna that will help you keep this asset safe, returning benefits for years to come.  Other top recommendations include Clearlight,  Heavenly Heat and Saunacore.

For a discount on pricing, tell them Cody the SaunaGuy sent you.  You will receive the “Healing Heat Discount.”